10 Item Box

You may substitute up to 2 box items. See below for details.


Box Items

Produce included in this box:

Quantity Item
2 kgPotatoes (Maris Piper)
1Cabbage (Savoy)
1Carrots (Bunch)
3Onions (White)
175 gMushrooms (White)
3Parsnips (Washed)
3Tomatoes (Salad)
1Swede (Loose)
5Satsumas (Queen)
5Pears (Conference)

Substitute Items

You may substitute up to 2 box items with produce from the following list (Please note that substitutions are made at checkout):

Quantity Item
1 kgPotatoes (Baby/Salad)
4Potatoes (Jackets)
1Broccoli (Loose)
1Cauliflower (Loose)
1Lettuce (Iceberg)
1Lettuce (Flat)
250 gTomatoes (Cherry)
3Peppers (Mixed)
1Celery (Bunch)
1Onions (Spring)
5Apples (English)
5Bananas (Bunch)
1 punnetGrapes (Mixed)