15 item Box

You may substitute up to 3 box items. See below for details.


Box Items

Produce included in this box:

Quantity Item
2 kgPotatoes (Maris Piper)
1 kgPotatoes (Baby/Salad)
1Cabbage (Savoy)
1Cauliflower (Loose)
1Carrots (Bunch)
3Onions (White)
175 gMushrooms (White)
1Lettuce (Iceberg)
4Tomatoes (Salad)
1Cucumber (Loose)
1Swede (Loose)
3Parsnips (Washed)
5Satsumas (Queen)
5Pears (Conference)
5Apples (Gala)

Substitute Items

You may substitute up to 3 box items with produce from the following list (Please note that substitutions are made at checkout):

Quantity Item
4Potatoes (Jackets)
1Broccoli (Loose)
1Cress (Loose)
3Peppers (Mixed)
1Lettuce (Flat)
250 gTomatoes (Cherry)
1Beetroot (Vac Pack)
1Onions (Spring)
1Courgettes (Loose)
1 punnetGrapes (Mixed)
5Bananas (Bunch)